Driven by curiosity and rooted in human-centered design principles, I am focused on building accessible experiences which evoke and engage audiences. 

the indefinite and the infinite: a canvas of impressions


June 2021 - September 2022


Graphic Designer, Motion Designer, Interaction Designer, UX/UI designer


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Eko Studio

Project Strategy & Process

Concept ⟶

Collaborated with team members to build concept and vision using a random spark from our Creative Director during the pandemic lockdowns

Research ⟶

Planned and conducted research through relevant pathways to propose a variety of options for exploration

Ideation ⟶

Developed various concepts and briefly strategized best methods for execution

Public engagement ⟶

Co-directed and created surveys on Typeform to engage the public for their perspectives

Design & Development ⟶

Co-developed a design system to translate perspectives and designed an interactive video experience for exploration

My Impact

Built vision, conducted research, and developed the experience collaborating with cross-functional team members across all project stages.

Established an easily editable and reproducible structure and workflow for future use across visual designs, motion graphics, and final interactive video experience.

Integrated scalability within all elements for potential web development with live data integration.


Don't be afraid to be bold! Especially with experimental projects designed to bring users into the story for both sharing and experiencing, leave behind all limitations for exploration and create something that inspires wonder and curiosity.

Project Details

"Why is the responsibility of imagining a future for all of us given to only a handful of people?"

Part of a series of experiments at DoUC, this project was created during and because of the pandemic lockdowns. As a studio, we wanted to explore the future, while being so stuck in the present crisis, and find a way to build it collectively with our extended community (and everyone else willing to share with us). 

Using Max Neef’s Theory of Needs as our basis, we challenged our collaborators to examine their proposed vision of the future from various levels and perspectives— (1) what type of need it is; (2) what outlook does it propose; (3) how does it look for an individual, a society, and the environment; and (4) how far into the future is it. 

Receiving more than a hundred submissions, we captured them through an interactive cosmic journey using Eko Studio. In this experience the audience is able to explore freely through the various time periods, and also go through a few curated pathways. Ultimately, the landscape is abstract and stark; the movements and sounds sparking curiosity to click and engage. 

The following is the project statement: 

Why is the responsibility of imagining a future for all of us given to only a handful of people? 

Each of us carries with us experiences that influence how we perceive the world, and those experiences deserve a place to be expressed as we create a picture of the future. The “indefinite and the infinite: a canvas of impressions” by DoUC, a Toronto-based design studio, is an interactive experience about imagining the future from the perspectives of over a 100 participants. Creating collective landscapes which can be explored, experienced, and interpreted by anyone.

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