Driven by curiosity and rooted in human-centered design principles, I am focused on building accessible experiences which evoke and engage audiences. 

Drive Kit



September 2016 - April 2017


Researcher, UX/UI Designer, Motion Designer


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Eko Studio

Project Strategy & Process

Concept ⟶

Collaborated on various directions and solutions, selecting the option which best addressed the needs and goals of our intended audience

Research ⟶

Planned breadth of research avenues and dove deep to discover what is available, pain points, user thoughts and opinions to create user personas and journey maps

Design ⟶

Established a UX and UI design system to capture a look and feel that connects the past to the present to ease user transitions

Prototype ⟶

Developed a comprehensive Figma prototype of app journey across various stages and avenues— including proposals and opportunity for further development

Delivery ⟶

Presented solution, including an interactive video for audiences to engage with and understand the solution at their own pace

My Impact

Collaborated with design partnerto conceptualize and research initial direction of solution to then work independently to design all stages of the UX flow.

Co-ordinated wireframe development with co-designer to ensure animations and interactive video development occurred in parallel with ease (jumping on to assist with either when necessary).


When you have a really great idea, push it!— It was still very nice (and rewarding) to see Apple create a version of this feature to be integrated into iOS in WWDC21 for US customers.

Project Details

Can we digitize the driver licence?How about the whole system?

Canada’s growing population, diverse citizenry, and the rise of autonomous vehicles were the driving factors of this project. My team and I wanted to explore if, and how a SaaS model could be implemented to facilitate latent and emerging needs of users and service providers of complex interrelated systems.

DriveKit is an app that was envisioned to help facilitate the inevitable transition to digital driver’s licences. Our goals were to address not only the needs and expectations of existing licence holders, but also empower citizens who will use this service in the near future.

By digitizing the entire graduated licensing process as a case study, we were able to design a system that mitigates friction, is both scalable and modular, and adaptable to Service Canada’s diverse initiatives. DriveKit is a system that addresses not just current demands, but also the challenges of tomorrow.

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