Driven by curiosity and rooted in human-centered design principles, I am focused on building accessible experiences which evoke and engage audiences. 



August 2020 - January 2021


Project Co-leader, UX/UI Designer, Prototyper


Adobe Illustrator, Figma

Project Strategy & Process

Discovery ⟶

Kick off workshops with client to understand project needs, & goals

Concept ⟶

Working through ideas to best form the direction of the personality and execution of the web app

Design System ⟶

Using approved concept to develop a design system for accessible UX and UI practices to act as the foundation

Prototype ⟶

Designing multiple complex prototypes for user testing

Delivery ⟶

Designs ready for testing, developer implementation, and investor showcase

My Impact

Lead a team of three junior designers to conceptualize, plan, and design the initial systems, user journeys, and wireframes of the application; successfully setting a strong foundation for later phases.

Developed the accessibility-first design system into a multiple UX flows using a custom UI design, including a comprehensive App Kit that includes element interaction and behaviour recommendations.

Rapidly prototyped multiple complex Figma prototypes to give both the client and the development team a clear idea of the experience, making it easy for future client and development communication.


When developing multiple UX flows and journeys within a single application, it is important to set priorities for sections in each to establish alignment and ensure parallel progress.

Project Details

How do you reimagine the examination experience to be uplifting, motivating, and even, soothing?

KnowMeQ is an innovative start-up exploring the future of work— specifically asking the question: how do you find the best people for your teams? As an AI-enabled diagnostic tool, it uses various proprietary tools to determine an individual's Adaptability Quotient (AQ) to best determine their path with a company. 

At DoUC, I worked with the Creative Director as the Lead UX/UI designer to not only establish the experience and journey of the underlying system while guiding a team of three junior designers, but also continue to design and prototype three full MVPs in Figma for future development in the first phase of the project. At the end of this phase we delivered a comprehensive guideline for UX and UI of the app experience.

While in development, I supported the external programming team with additional prototypes and designs as necessary. 

Note: With respect to the client, additional process and work cannot be included on my portfolio, but I am happy to speak with you about it!

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